Gaming – video editing for free (PC/MacOSX)

Video editing is a joy. There’s a great sense of achievement in curating and creating montage footage of highlighted moments.

What is the best free video editing software?

There are many free to use options out there for any platform or operating system that you may be working with. The most popular operating systems being Windows on the PC and OSX for Mac. This post does a good enough job listing the many options currently out there:

However, I will focus on the entirely free Professional Editing Software, HitFilmExpress. HitFilmExpress, in my experience, is simple to use with a small learning curve. Simple edits can quickly be achieved. And with the addition of using free presets and plugins created by the community, you are able to create stunning features such as this (see below)

How to get started

Download HitFilmExpress for your platform

Though free, you need only jump through a one-time-only social media related hoop to gain access to the full program. After which, all updates and subsequent upgrades are free forever. Download it here HitFilmExpress.

Install some community plugins

An example of free to use plugins created by members of the community

A combination of the above available community preset plugins were used to create the showcased YouTube video above.

Learn the basics, get familiar with HitFilmExpresss

You’ve got a brand new video editing program installed, along with the community plugins, now what?

If like myself you’re familiar with video editing software such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere, then the interface and the options to get started should be intuitive.

For those of you who are in need of a crash course in the basics, you can find many tutorials through YouTube searches. I recommend you start with working through some of the official tutorials provided by the makers of the program which can be found here:

Watch their ‘basic’ related tutorial video first to get a head start

Click the image above, locate and watch their basic’s video. Then feel free to watch their other tutorials along with finding community created tutorials via YouTube searches.


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