What name should I use? – creating online social media handles, avatars

Whether you are starting out and have never created an online identity before, or you are re-branding, there is no time like the present to make a start.

Thinking about rebranding your online gaming identity

A clanmate approached me with this age old question. I’m grateful that he solicited advice. I have helped many people in the past before in creating new online names.

Fundamentally and ideally you wish to end up having the same online handle for all platforms, gaming and social media.

Below are suggestions in some resemblance of order you might want to look into ensuring your proposed handle is not taken.


  • Short and sweet: Try to invent a name that has few characters as possible and also think about the verbal pronunciation of the name. Say it out aloud to yourself in different sentences and settings over and over. This is your name, make sure you’re happy with how it is said and pronounced. People shall be using this to address you!
  • Creativity (to an extent): Your research will lead you to many dead ends. You’d be surprised how many of your first 20-30 names that you think of are already taken. Don’t be disgruntled. Where possible, be creative, perhaps using numbers in the place of some characters.

    However, try to be tasteful and mindful. ie. xxx_MumraMayne_xxx, usage of ‘xxx’ might get you blocked by search engines, limiting your online exposure and also.. it’s rather emo and tacky and dated, right?
  • Be original?: There’s a great reason that Google is named so. Not only does it have real meaning but also at the time it was not widely used. That said, don’t be afraid to use combination of words to form new names.
  • One for all and all for one: Lastly and final basic rule is to not create any accounts on any platform until you have ensured that all your main platforms have your decided name available.

Playstation Network

You are a gamer. I recently attempted creating a new PSN account. Wow, everything felt like it was taken already. Start your Playstation, go to the relevant menu option on your console and attempt to create a new name that is not already taken. Whatever you find here, will most likely not be taken on other platforms.


There are online checkers that might help you discover if your Twitter is taken.

Facebook / Instagram

Worth creating this, even if only for Instagram.


Back in the day YouTube used to offer creators the ability to create unique urls for their channel if they got popular enough. Research and find out if this is still the case.

Google Mail

Gmail is free, but also making use of their free online tools is great. ie. GoogleDocs, GoogleDrive, etc

Top Level Domain

Purchasing a domain name for a year should be the cost of a meal for two. Go the extra mile and purchase your newly created name. You can always use free services to have your .com redirect your followers to wherever you want them to go.


Top Level Domain search

Name checker #1

Name checker #2


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