Newsgroups Usenet delivered via DockSTARTer containers – troubleshooting path conflicts

I ran DockSTARTer but for some reason Radarr/Sonarr/Lidarr all refused to acknowledge the path that exists for them respectively. How do I resolve this?

Dont use /tv and /music, ect… set your vars right to use /storage. The others are going away in a couple months. To do this you need to edit the .env file

Support staff

Troubleshoot instructions to resolve issue:

  1. /home/<username>/.docker/compose/
  2. show the hidden files (if using GUI), else use VIM
  3. Edit the .env file as shown below

In the terminal, restart/rebuilt the Docker containers:
$ ds -c up

Resolve any port number conflicts
Only the value on the right hand side of the ‘=’ sign was changed to resolve the conflict within the same .env file as before

4. Return to the terminal and repeat this command (use SUDO, if necessary):
$ ds -c up

The new path now works and is accepted by Radarr
This directory path is wrong and needs to change
MainDir path becomes: /storage/downloads

5. Quick aside tip:

Host field will work with: nzbget


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