Keeping your WordPress (Akeeba backup) file size small


Maintenance. Now that your site size and akeeba backup file size is decluttered you need to keep it that way. Images are your enemy, they are the cancer that starts of small and eventually metastasize into losing money on avoidable server host changes.

From now on, the images that you use to illustrate your pages and posts throughout your WordPress website need to be appropriately resized and compressed BEFORE they are uploaded to your Media Library (via your post creation).

Processing new images:

  1. No image file should be larger than 90kb filesize
  2. Jpg format only (no png, no gif, no animated gifs, no bmp)
    • Animated gifs need to be uploaded to a service like gfycat and use its generated url
  3. Convert your image to jpg

  1. Compress and resize that jpg image using
  2. Choose the option to Resize dimensions restraints (Edit):
    • The maximum height allowed for Portrait images – height 500px (max)
    • The maximum width allowed for Landscape images – width 600px (max)

Possible exception to the above dimension restrictions can be: Unless it is a non-post image ie. an ebook cover, your profile page image, something intended to be read when clicked such as a newspaper snippet/cutting.

Make all images have a maximum height of 480px if you are hardcore!

The right hand side is where you make alterations and see a preview of the image you are about to produce from the original image.

Keep the default settings, but ensure that ‘Maintain aspect ratio’ box is checked.

Click the ‘down arrow’ button that is situated in the bottom right hand corner. This will save the new compressed and resized image to your local hard drive. This newly downloaded image is what you shall use for your WordPress posts/pages.


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