Designing your own Leaderboard and Medium ad using

Designing Google sized ads for free using

Design for free with
  1. Register a free account with or login with your account
  2. Start a new design
  3. Type ‘ad’ and select from the dropdown your desired ad dimension
  4. Design from scratch or make life easier by adapting an already existing design from the list of freely available templates that Canva provides
  5. After you have finished your design, click the top right ‘download’ button option to export the file to a .png format to your local hard drive
  6. All work is automatically saved to the cloud through Canva
  7. Repeat the process for any other advert dimensions that you require
There are many freely available high quality resources from this left hand menu

Other than the templates that you might base your designs upon, make sure to use the other available resources where you can easily find, buttons, backgrounds, and high quality stock images, many of which are completely free.


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