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bro, how do I stream on Mac?

The basics to getting started for streaming via your Mac.

    1. OBS: Streaming software
      This is the basic software which you need. It’s open source and FREE. Download the latest version for your operating system.

      Play the above video, follow that video tutorial instructions.
    2. iShowU: incorporate Discord/Skype/VOIP/WhatYouHear
      If you want that extra swag in your recordings/livestream I cant recommend highly enough that you include your in-game chat call. Follow this tutorial to get it setup correctly.
      Your audio input and output settings should resemble something like the image above if you followed the tutorial correctly.
    3. Optional extras:
      I’ve not tried any of these (yet) but I hope to one day get around to implementing some of these extras to make my stream more awesome. Check em out for yourself. Have a go!

      1. Streamlabs.com
      2. Streamjar.tv
      3. muxy.io
      4. Nightbot
    4. Make sure you credit ole Mumra2k for this awesome ensemble of tutorials, along with the original content creators!